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LOX-8 Paste & LOX-8 Oil: Ensuring the Performance of KLAW Breakaway Couplings in Chlorine Industry


Mike Johnson is the founder and president of Chemflow Products, a leading distributor of flow control products to the chlorine industry.... Read full article

Using Formula-8 and LOX-8 Paste to Seal High-Pressure Cylinders and Cryogenic Systems


Mississippi Welders Supply Company (MWS) is one of the Upper Midwest’s largest suppliers of welding supplies, gases, abrasives, metal fabricating equipment, and PPE and fire safety equipment.... Read full article

HinderRUST by Fluoramics passes Weld-Through Test


Fluoramics HinderRUST... Read full article

What is the difference between A, B and C welding hoses?


When looking to understand the difference between welding hoses, one of the most important things to consider is hose size.... Read full article



Hydrostat Inc. celebrates its 20th year in the cylinder requalification business.... Read full article

Gas Innovations Launches New Website


GAS INNOVATIONS Introduces it's new 2019 Web-Site featuring all in one page of hydrocarbon products. Each page contains Gas Data, C of C, SDS, Purities, and Packaging details. ... Read full article

Weiler Abrasives Raises Over $68,000 to Support United Way


Weiler raises funding to support community programs in Monroe County, PA... Read full article

Is your cutting operation as productive as it could be?

by Hypertherm on

Making your cutting operation more productive to save you time and make you money.... Read full article

Chart Industries Distribution and Storage Group (Chart D&S) Announces January Product Pricing Update


Chart Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: GTLS) announced that effective immediately prices for bulk storage tanks, packaged gas products and beverage bulk carbon dioxide (CO2) systems will be increased by 10 to 12% globally.... Read full article