1324 IIE The Best Oxy/Fuel-gas Torch Cart in the Business!

Offered by SAFTCART

First designed by Jimmy Walker, SR. out of the need for a self-contained cutting unit, The 1324 IIE is the original Saf-T-Cart. IT is designed to secure your entire cutting outfit in one easy contained mobile unit. Its lockable cabinet allows regulators, torches, and tips to become a part of the unit and secures them within the cart. This cart eliminates the need to break down and reinstall the unit daily, saving you time and money. The 1324 IIE is also available with a firewall and a hood top.

Features Include:

  • A lockable cabinet
  • Allows the regulators, torches, and tips to be stored within the unit
  • Comes standard with: Lifting Eye, Permaclamps, Oxygen and Fuel Gas Fittings, Flex Pigtails and fittings for your regulator


Baseplate: 13 x 24

Height: 62”

Width: 35“

Weight: 115l b.

Wheels: SC-11

Cylinder Capacity: 10”, 12.5”

Lifting Eye: 1000 lbs.

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