CPV Manufacturing Celebrates 105 Years


The CPV story is built on the enterprise of a farmer turned machinist – whose tradition of quality and craftsmanship remains the cornerstone in meeting the challenges of modern technology. In 1915, Isaiah G. Engle, a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer who had become a skilled machinist, started his own one-man business – manufacturing replacement valves for steam-driven reciprocating pumps. When centrifugal pumps came on stream, CPV pump valves were encased and transformed into silent check valves. To meet the need, CPV developed a unique line of soft-seated valves flat-faced O-ring sealed fittings known worldwide as the O-SEAL® SYSTEM. A full line of Mark VIII® tube size fittings evolved, as well as a line of tube size valves with a choice of end connections.

Isaiah was pretty much a one-man show thru the 1920s. In the early-30s, his son, Warren, a Wharton School graduate, joined the firm and established the business procedures that helped CPV survive the Great Depression.

The company became a nationally recognized supplier of valves and fittings for high pressure liquid and gas service meeting the needs of a much larger customer than Isaiah would have imagined in his wildest dreams – the U.S. Navy. That part of the business was spearheaded largely by his two grandsons, Robert and Calvin Engle. Bob Engle, after graduating from Penn State with a degree in mechanical engineering, joined the company as a machinist in 1951. Upon graduating from Temple University in 1953, Calvin came aboard and contributed to CPV’s growth until his untimely death in 1981.

“In order to meet Navy specifications, we had to test every component. You simply couldn’t ask a man in the shop who had been working all day to pull up on one of these flares; it was too physical. So, we developed a test stand using O-rings which allowed components to be assembled and disassembled very easily. This was really the beginning of the O-SEAL® SYSTEM; you could change the test connections and put them back together again, hand-tight,” said Bob Engle.

The company also increased its investment in people by adding talented personnel in sales, engineering, administrative and manufacturing positions. George Bonadio joined CPV in 1960 after graduating from Drexel University. In 1979, the fourth generation of the Engle family became represented by Tom Engle, who had previously served as Production Manager and today serves as Quality Manager. Today, the company employs 50 full-time employees.

In recent years, CPV Manufacturing has reinvested millions of dollars into updating its manufacturing facility, replacing old and outdated equipment. Now, the company has a modern state-of-the-art facility, which has significantly increased its capacity.

“We are a global company and service a multitude of verticals. Over the past few years we’ve seen on average 20% organic growth and with continued innovation and concentrating on emerging markets as we have, I would anticipate similar growth year over year along with looking at acquisitions that compliment what we do and the markets we serve,” said CPV President and CEO David S. London.

Today, CPV Manufacturing is recognized around the world as the producer of high-pressure valves and fittings. Isaiah Engle’s legacy of perseverance and dedication to quality is bearing abundant fruit.

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