CPV Manufacturing Introduces New Master Valve for Fill Plant Operations


Admiral Valve LLC dba CPV Manufacturing is pleased to introduce to GAWDA distributors our GSB Series Master Valves. GSB Master Valves rated for 6000 PSI Oxygen and up to 7800 PSI in inert service. These products were developed based on:

  • A growing demand for valves that can achieve higher pressures then current offerings
  • Demand for higher quality Master Valves
  • Low turning torque and ergonomic handle
  • Availability – valves that are in stock and can ship quickly
  • Delivering these features without asking you to pay a premium

We are proud to introduce a Master Valve that not only met our goals, but exceeded them!

We have created 3 GSB versions – 2 versions with FNPT end connections (½” and ¾”) rated for 6000 PSI / 414 BAR in both oxygen and inert service.

To achieve even higher pressures, the 3rd valve is a union style rated at 7800 PSI / 538 BAR in inert and 6000 PSI / 414 Bar in oxygen.

In addition, all of our valves are soft seated for bubble-tight shut-off and we’ve been able to achieve very high flow rates compared to other brands. Every valve is cleaned and ready for Oxygen service, regardless of the intended service.

These valves offer significant value considering the improvement in pressure capability and associated safety this brings to your operations as well as the quality you’ve come to expect with any CPV Manufacturing brand product. We believe that you will find our GSB valves to be VERY COMPETITIVELY PRICED compared to other master valves.

Visit https://www.cpvmfg.com/master-valves/ for additional product information.

For a quotation, please contact us at 215-386-6508 or email to salesadm@cpvmfg.com

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