Cyl-Tec Cylinder Cradles, Gas Packs, and Pallet Manifolds

Offered By Cyl-Tec, Inc.

Cradles and pallet manifolds delivered fully assembled, installed, and leak-tested

Cyl-Tec offers a new service - fully assembled and installed cylinder cradles, gas packs, and pallet manifolds. No need for additional assembly and installation.

All cradles are shipped fully assembled, installed, and tested which provides significant savings on time and labor at fill plants.

Cradle Options

  • Available in 6, 12, and 16 cylinder configurations
  • Choose from popular brands, models, and sizes of cradles, gas packs, & pallet manifolds
  • Options include casters, forklift accessibility, or crane lift (or any combination of all three)
  • Rigid or flexible pigtail manifolds
  • Customizable ‒ available with unlimited paint colors or galvanized coating, and laser cut plates with your company logo

Benefits of Cyl-Tec Cradle Services

  • Eliminates the need for additional assembly and installation at fill plants
  • Entire manifold assembly, including the leads, is 100% nitrogen leak-tested
  • Saves time and labor at fill facilities
  • FREE shipping applied to fully assembled units with pre-paid freight orders

Contact us for your order today!

Toll free: 888-429-5832
Local & Outside the U.S.: 630-844-8800

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