Eleet Bulk Tank Rehab Services - Second-to-None.


Rehabilitation of cryogenic customer stations (stationary tanks) is Eleet’s core business. We offer everything from minor repair, specialty repair, to complete tank rehabilitation all done indoors. We will rehab or refurb your tank to your specification, or ours, while exercising sound practices. We typically have a 6-8 week turn around for each tank. First come, first serve scheduling.

Following is a list of activities that are performed daily on customer stations:
•Sandblasting and Painting.
•New Piping Systems (Stainless Steel).
•Insulation (perlite) top-off or replacement.
•Vacuum investigation and restoration.
•National Board coded repair and alterations.
•Complete test including cold test to insure operation of tank before shipping.
•Documentation of all work performed on each tank.

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