Fill Plant Operations Training

Offered by WELDCOA

Registration is now open for Weldcoa's Fill Plant Operations training, which will be held at the new, one-of-a-kind WIC (Weldcoa Innovation Center) training center; a full functioning plant and spec gas facility


  • April 21-23, 2020
  • September 15-17, 2020

Each class is three full days: Tuesday - Thursday. 8am to 5pm Central Time.

Class is $500 per attendee. 

There is a growing need for operations training in the gas industry in order to strengthen safety, efficiencies and profitability. Often, tribal knowledge and industry specific know-how is either lost, misunderstood and/or distorted as it is passed along from one employee to the next. This distortion of knowledge is affecting our industry as seasoned employees retire or simply exit our companies. 

Many of Weldcoa’s customers have requested this type of training for some time.  In order to provide this important service to our clients, Weldcoa has committed a sizable investment to build a hands-on training center.  In addition to creating a new facility and developing the training materials, we have enlisted some of the top manufacturers in our industry to train your employees. The topics will range from: proper cylinder care to the filling process and will incorporate a general understanding on the functionality of cryogenic pumps and bulk tanks.

Demonstrations will be given, showing the "how" and "why" things occur. Participants of this course will be exposed and introduced to a broad range of resources that your company can continue to access in order to get further training, regulation info, compliance info and general product information. 



Address: 338 East Sullivan Road, Aurora IL 60505 (directly across the street from Weldcoa’s 335 East Sullivan Road, Aurora manufacturing facility)

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