Harris 201 Beverage Regulators Deliver Reliability and Durability for Growing Markets


Mason, Ohio (April 14, 2020) – Designed for primary control of CO2 and nitrogen systems for soda dispensing, beer taps, wine taps, and in coffee houses, the Harris Product Group Model 201 gas regulator series is a workhorse for the hospitality and beverage industries. The regulators are also attracting legions of new users with the rapid growth of craft brewers and homebrewers.

The Harris Model 201 gas regulator series is designed for primary pressure control of gases from single cylinders. The regulators feature two gauges: One low-pressure gauge with an operating pressure of 0-150 PSI and a high-pressure gauge with an operating pressure of 0-3000 PSI. The regulators come with encapsulated seats for safety and longer service life, nylon-reinforced neoprene diaphragms, and integral self-reseating relief valves (175 psi). Their brass bodies and zinc bonnets make them corrosion resistant and highly durable in many environments. All Harris 201 regulators are made in the USA and come with a seven-year factory warranty.

To maintain constant pressure and minimizing improper use, four models of the 201 regulators come with a "set and forget" pressure control feature. Two of these models are built for CO2 use with carbonated beverages and most beer. They come with a hose barb or flare shutoff valve. The other two set pressure control models are built for nitrogen use for wine, coffee and some varieties of beer, and also come with a hose barb or flare shutoff valve.

Harris also offers the 201 model beverage regulator with adjustable pressure controls and built-in check valves to accommodate downstream connections for nitrogen systems. This industrial-strength nitrogen regulator is a perfect beverage solution for retailers, as well as the growing homebrewer industry.

Harris has more than 100 years of gas regulator engineering and manufacturing experience. In addition to the 201 regulators, Harris delivers several other beverage solutions for customers ranging from retailers to event venues operators to craft beer producers who want reliability, durability and superior service from their products.

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