Harris Three-Stage Regulator Provides Versatile Gas Solution for Power Transformers


The Harris Products Group offers the Model 9296 Three-stage Pressure Regulator to deliver a contaminant-free, accurate and consistent low-pressure supply of nitrogen to oil-filled power transformers. The regulator is designed to meet the needs of a variety of transformer brands for versatile use by utility companies.

The Model 9296 has three stages of pressure control from full cylinder pressure (3000 psi) to 0.5 psi for use when transformers are installed or the gas cylinders are changed or refilled. A bypass valve allows for the quick filling of the head space of the blanket system at pressures of up to 10 psi to eliminate prevent contact with oxygen and avoid potentially hazardous conditions. The regulator conforms to CGA E-4 Standard For Gas Pressure Regulators.

The regulators have a one-piece encapsulated seat design for durability and neoprene diaphragms for greater sensitivity at low pressures. Each regulator has three 10 micron filters in series, one for each pressure stage to protect valve seats and provide longer service life. A pressure switch allows for connection to annunciators and monitoring devices to alert if cylinder pressures become critical.

Harris introduced the Model 9296 after being asked by gas distributors and power companies to design a regulator that would avoid contaminants, have more versatility and offer more durability than others in the market. By designing a regulator capable of working with various blanket systems in electric power substations, Harris helped transformer manufacturers to reduce their inventory. Maintenance crews using the Model 9296 are able to service the transformers more efficiently since they no longer needed to search for compatible equipment as they had in the past. The collaboration is another example of Harris’ ability to provide engineered turnkey solutions for its customers.

For more information, contact Harris Products Group at 1.800.733.4043 Ext. 2, or by email at harrisspecgas@lincolnelectric.com

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