Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT) Celebrates 90 Years


The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT) was founded in 1930 as a department of the Hobart Brothers Company. At the time, four welding booths were placed in a corner of the Hobart Brothers factory and used for training. In May 1940, the school was granted a charter by the State of Ohio as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation governed by a board of directors and became known as the Hobart Trade School. The school trained thousands of welders for World War II production in 1942-45. In 1958, the present Hobart Technical Center, which houses the school, was completed. Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools approval was received in 1970 and in 1972 The National Association of Trade & Technical Schools granted accreditation to the school. In September of 1991, the name was changed to Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.

Today, HIWT is located in Troy, Ohio. It has more than 350 weld stations, 19 classrooms, 450 chairs and employs nearly 50 people. The school is focused on supporting the welding industry and continually works with its Program Advisory Committee to ensure the curriculum is relevant to the needs of the industry. As the school has grown, HIWT became an ATF, which afforded students the opportunity to earn through testing AWS® QC-7 Certifications as part of the programs it offers. Additionally, being an AWS® Accredited Testing Facility, HIWT offers certification testing for corporate/business clients as well. The school has courses for welders at all levels of their careers – from just learning to weld to retirement. Offering continuing education for welders is one of the ways HIWT works hard to support the industry as a whole.

“Our school has served its mission and the welding industry for 90 years,” says Scott A. Mazzulla, President & CEO. “It has done so with an incredible amount of talent and dedication from a team of welding educators. This team of professionals have trained well over 100,000 people that call welding a career. Over the next 10 years we see more of the same with the next generation of talent and students. The Institute will continue to expand its offerings making its mission more widely available to the public and industry.”

Prior to COVID-19, HIWT had been planning to hold an open house, which has been put on hold. However, it has not stopped the school from celebrating its 90th Anniversary. It has developed a special 90th Anniversary logo and will be sending around a special 90th Anniversary Celebration Edition of its newsletter.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished in our 90 years of education,” says Mazzulla. “The Institute is considered one of the top welding schools in the world and we take that very seriously. Our instructors and support staff are committed not just to the operations of the school, but to the welding industry as a whole. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology is committed to training the world’s best welders, and this is a commitment we do not take lightly."

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