Point of Use Panels Provide Reliability, Flexibility for High Purity Gas Delivery


Mason, Ohio (March 5, 2020) – The Harris Products Group Point of Use gas panels are an excellent solution for lab managers who want increased control of delivery pressure whether with a single type of gas to multiple machines, multiple gases to one machine, or with multiple gases to multiple machines.

In many instances, the laboratory gas supply may be located at a significant distance from the instruments it supports. This is especially true for flammable gases which are often required to be stored outside of the laboratory facility. The result is a loss of pressure as the gas must travel several feet to reach the instrument. The Harris Point of Use gas panels are an excellent solution to ensure adequate pressure, and they include other features important to lab management.

As the name implies, these panels are positioned at the point of use and can hold up to four regulators for high purity gas delivery to analyzers, chromatographs and other laboratory machines. These panels receive the gas from the source and then regulate the pressure to the precise tolerance required by the equipment using the gas.

The regulators are designed to 1 x 10-9 cc/sec. inboard helium leak rate to maintain gas purity levels. Each regulator includes a pressure gauge to provide a visual indicator of the pressure being delivered, and a positive shutoff to stop the flow of gas when the lab equipment is not in use.

Also designed to aesthetically fit well into a laboratory setting, they are available with high purity chrome-plated brass and/or stainless-steel bar stock regulators, have a small footprint, and can be mounted on the wall or on a benchtop.

The Harris Point of Use panels enable the manager to confidently send a single gas to various machines at the various pressures required, and also serve the needs of the manager whose machines require multiple gases.

“Lab Managers need to have absolute control over gas delivery, and our Point of Use panels are designed to serve their needs,” said Harris Manager of Specialty Products David Gailey. “We can configure multiple panels or assemble panels with different types of regulators to meet any customer needs. And we can ship them from our Gainesville, GA manufacturing plant within forty-eight hours.”

Harris specialty gas equipment division provides complete solutions to customer’s special gas handling requirements. The breadth of the product line is used in analytical labs, chemical processing, research and development, as well as biotech and pharmaceuticals. In addition to pressure control equipment, Harris offers complete gas management products for flow control, gas purification, cylinder storage and audio/visual pressure indication. For more information, contact harrisspecgas@lincolnelectric.com, or call 1.800.733.4043 ext. 2.


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