Sherwood Sales & Customer Care Team


John Lyons, Key Account Manager of Midwest/West Region.
John is a seasoned industry professional with diversified experience working at industry leading gas and welding distributors as well as a manufacturer of gas regulation and distribution systems. “We are excited to have added John to our team, says Tim Madden the companies Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “he brings a high level of industry knowledge, experience and enthusiasm that enhances our value-added services to our customers.”


Thomas Minnillo, Key Account Manager of South Region/Mexico.
Before joining Sherwood Tom was a previous Director of Automotive Sales. Tom has extensive knowledge in strategic account management, project management, and new product development and is also fluent in Italian and Spanish. “Tom has a proven track record of success helping customers increase their market position as well as effectively expand into new markets”, says Mr. Madden.


David Roberts, Customer Service Technician.
David was previously a Biomedical Technician and has great past experience in technical sales and customer problem resolution. “David’s enthusiasm and ability to effectively communicate enhances our unrivaled customer service established by Karen Wilson, Sherwood’s renowned Customer Service Manager”, said Mr. Madden.


Matt Gimmer will continue to serve as Key Account Manager of Northeast Region/Canada. “Matt has done an outstanding job of expanding Sherwood industrial and specialty gas valve presence in his customer territory”, said Mr. Madden.


This enhanced Sherwood team will continue to bring a solutions driven approach and provide our customers with peace of mind in choosing Sherwood as the preferred valve supplier.

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About Sherwood Valve

Sherwood Valve provides innovative gas and fluid control solutions for the packaged gas, energy, cooling, high purity and life markets. Sherwood Valve has been providing quality products for nearly 100 years. Sherwood Valve is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with strong distributor relationships across the United States and internationally. Sherwood Valve are comprised of three (3) manufacturing centers that form the world’s leading technology, service and manufacturing network for gas and fluid applications involving pressure vessels and precision valves. For more information, visit Sherwood Valve at or contact us at 1-888-508-2583.

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