Eleet Cryogenics Now Offering Taylor Wharton Micro Bulk Tanks


Eleet Cryogenics Now Offers the Trusted Taylor-Wharton Bulk & MicroBulk Product Lines as Part of their Complete Solution Offering:

VTM Atmospheric Service Bulk Tanks:
• Built to Taylor-Wharton Quality & Reliability Standards
• Vertical Bulk Storage for Liquid Oxygen,Argon & Nitrogen
• Five Year Vacuum Warranty
• Easy to Maintain with Readily Accessible Valves and Controls
• Standard Dual Safety Devices
• Durable Industrial Coating with Epoxy Primer and Polyurethane Enamel Topcoat
• Custom Piped to Customers Specification Upon Request
• All Models CRN Approved

Vacuum Jacketed CO2-N2O Tanks:
• Innovative Stainless Steel Inner Vessel Design
• Recondensing Coil Included as a Standard on ALL Models, Including The 6 & 14-Ton Vessels
• Environmentally Friendly, Lower Energy Consumption & Reduced Maintenance Compared to Foam Insulated Tanks
• Industry-Leading Vacuum Jacketed Insulation System Provides a Significantly Longer Service Life than Foam Insulation
• Full Rehab Services – VJ & Foam Insulated Tanks
• All Models CRN Approved

• Full Range of ASME Vessels (1000L - 5000L)
• Complete Offering of Additional Equipment Required for Turnkey Installations
• Customizable DuraBulk Delivery System to Match Specific Customer Requirements
• Broad Range of Available Inventory Maintained to Meet Urgent Requirements
• Full Taylor-Wharton Warranty Honored

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