Worthington Industries Celebrates 65 Years


Worthington Industries is celebrating its 65th Anniversary in 2020. The com­pany came from humble beginnings. Founder John McConnell saw an oppor­tunity for custom-processed steel and purchased his first load of steel by bor­rowing $600 against his 1952 Oldsmobile, and then used that money to start Worthington Industries in Columbus, Ohio.

Today, Worthington is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: WOR). But from its humble beginnings through its continued run of success, Worth­ington has always operated on the Golden Rule. Its mission statement says, “We treat our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders as we would like to be treated. We encourage our employees to join our philosophy by helping out in the communities where they live and work.

The manufacturer has expanded well beyond McConnell’s Oldsmobile, manufacturing pressure cylinders and related products for industrial, transportation, fleet fuel storage, energy and consumer products markets. Its product line includes steel, aluminum and composite cylinders, cryogenic vessels, storage tanks and specialty components. Worthington serves more than 4,000 customers in 70 countries, backed by a team who provides unsurpassed customer service with market-leading technical, product and market expertise.

Worthington is steadfast in its believe that its people are the company’s most important asset, and, as dictated by the Golden Rule, Worthington makes every effort to provide its employees with fair compensation and an opportunity to grow. In filling job openings, every effort is made to find candidates from within the company. It’s part of the reason why Worthington has a strong culture that encourages employees to make this a permanent career, not simply a job.

As Worthington continues to lead the diversified metal manufacturing indus­try, it never loses focus of where it came from and what its operating philoso­phy is. Every day, Worthington focused on the Golden Rule, its valued employ­ees, stability and innovation.

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